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Measures and displays ground leakage in DC supply systems.

Measures, displays and remote monitors DC electrical values.

The current input is isolated from the rest of the circuit.

The relay output is programmable to any available function.


The unit is supplied from the DC busbar voltage. It allows 19-150VDC supply.

Current input options: 

● External current shunt (standard)
● Internal current shunt
● Hall Effect sensor input

Thanks to its isolated RS-485 Modbus RTU comport, the device is free from ground potential difference issues and data are safely transferred to automation and monitoring systems.

Program parameters may be uploaded to the unit through the RS-485 port..

● Indicates ground leakage in %

● DC analyzer functionality

● Programmable relay output

● Various current input options

● Demand records

● Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

● MODBUS-RTU communications

● Front panel programming

● Wide operating temperature range

● Sealed front panel (IP65 with gasket)

● Two part connection system

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