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The DATAKOM model DKG-112 is a low cost, microprocessor controlled unit designed to manually start and stop the genset using the key switch on the front panel.

In the OFF position, the DC supply is removed from the module, thus zero power consumption is achieved.

The unit has different models for 12volt and 24volt gensets.



The unit powers up when the RUN position on the front panel is selected. This will also energize the fuel solenoid relay.

The engine is then started using the next spring-loaded position marked START. Once the engine has started, the switch should be released.

Microprocessor controlled,

Manual fuel control and start,

Automatic shutdown on fault condition,

Survives cranking dropouts,

Standard panel dimensions (72x72mm),

Digital display of generator frequency,

High engine temperature protection,

Low oil pressure protection,

Overspeed-underspeed protection,

Spare fault input,

Alarm output,

Two part connectors for easy replacement,

Product Brochure

User Manual

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