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The DKG-707 is a comprehensive Manual and Remote Start unit for multiple generating sets operating in parallel with load sharing.

The unit supports both diesel and gas gensets based on electronic and non-electronic engines.

Up to 8 gensets may be combined together using DKG-707 units without the need for extra modules. The communication between modules is made with the Datalink connection.



In AUTOMATIC position, DKG-707 monitors the Remote Start input and controls the automatic starting, stopping, synchronizing and load sharing of the generating set. 

On a Remote Start request, the sufficient number of gensets to supply the programmed prime power are started, synchronized and closed to the busbar.

They will share the load in equal percentage of the rated genset power. The master unit will monitor continuously the power delivered to the load and starts/stops slave gensets automatically.

Automatic and manual start

Multi genset synchronization (up to 8 gensets)

Multi genset load sharing (up to 8 gensets)

Both active and reactive load sharing

J1939 electronic engine monitoring and control

Various engine brands and models available

Gas engine support

True RMS measurements

Complete genset power measurements

Busbar voltages and frequency measurements

Dead bus sensing            


Built-in Governor control with external reference

Fully isolated built-in AVR control

Fully isolated datalink communication port

Magnetic pick-up input

Load dependent automatic Start/Stop

Load dependent quick and delayed start

Soft loading and unloading of gensets

Equal aging of gensets

Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

Engine Idle speed control

Load shedding, load adding

AVR and GOV up/down relay functions

Droop operation capability

Earth fault current monitoring

Voltage and current unbalance monitoring

Periodic maintenance request indicator

Battery backed-up real time clock

Built-in daily, weekly, monthly exerciser

500 event logs with time stamp and full snapshot

Statistical counters

Weekly operation schedule programs

Field adjustable parameters

Password protected front panel programming

User selectable screen formats

Software upgrade from PC (USB adapter needed)

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:

-monitoring, download of parameters

    -download of software updates

High visibility, blue color 128x64 pixels graphic LCD

User friendly graphic indicators and bar graphs

Dual language support

Customer logo display capability

Programmable PLC functions

Protected semiconductor digital outputs

Output expansion capability

Configurable analogue inputs: 4

Configurable digital inputs: 12

Configurable digital outputs: 8

Configurable led indicators: 5

Led/Relay output functions selectable from list

Survives cranking dropouts

Dimensions: 235 x 167 x 48mm (WxHxD)

Sealed front panel (IP65)

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement


Product Brochure

User Manual

UL-CSA Certificate

DATALINK to USB Converter Module

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Plastic Bracket

Output Extension Module (DKG-186)

Input Extension Module (DKG-188)


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