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The DATAKOM model DKG-205 is a microprocessor based digital unit offering all functions needed for the automatic control of a genset.

The unit works on both 12 Volt and 24 Volt gensets.


In AUTO mode, the unit monitors 3 phases of the mains and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generator.  Once the generator is running, the device monitors the internal protections and external fault inputs.

DKG-205 provides a full set of digitally adjustable timers and threshold levels. Also the relay configuration is programmable, enabling the control of different types of engines. The programs may be modified by the customer via pushbuttons on the unit, and do not require an external unit.

Automatic engine starting and stopping

Automatic mains failure monitoring

Automatic load transfer

Automatic shutdown on fault condition

Test and manual modes

Serial data output for telemetry on PC

Periodic maintenance request display

Survives cranking dropouts

Provision for energize to stop, preheat & choke outputs

Auto start unit mode available

Mains phases voltage limits checking

Generator phases voltage limits checking

Delayed overspeed and underspeed alarm

Battery high voltage alarm

Digitally adjustable low & high mains voltage limits

Digitally adjustable low & high generator voltage limits

Digitally adjustable underspeed & overspeed limits

Digitally adjustable delay for speed alarm

Digitally adjustable battery high voltage limit

Digitally adjustable timers

Program locking feature

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

Product Brochure

User Manual

CE Safety Certificate

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