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The DKG-727 is a comprehensive automatic paralleling with mains unit for multiple generating sets, featuring Manual and Automatic Load transfer between mains and multiple generating sets operating in parallel.

Up to 7 generating sets may be paralleled with mains using DKG-727 units without the need for extra modules. The communication between modules is made with the Datalink connection.



In automatic position, DKG-727 monitors mains phase voltages and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generating sets in case of a mains failure.

In case of mains failure DKG-727 energizes the remote system start output and waits until the sufficient number of generating sets to supply the programmed prime power are started, synchronized and closed to the busbar. Once the ready signal input is applied, the DKG-727 transfers the load to the busbar. 

Automatic mains failure

Automatic and manual start

Built in alarms and warnings

True RMS measurements

Complete mains power measurements

Busbar voltages and frequency measurements

Dead bus sensing            


No break transfer & no break load test

Multi genset soft transfer to / from mains

Multi genset power export to mains

Multi genset peak lopping (peak shaving)

G-59 mains protections

External G59 protections applicable

One Line Diagram monitoring on-line

Load surge monitoring in programmed time scope

Heavy Duty Feature

Remote start operation capability

Disable auto start capability

Programmable Logic functions

Fully isolated datalink communication port

Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

Earth fault current monitoring

Battery backed-up real time clock

Built-in daily, weekly, monthly exerciser

500 event logs with time stamp and full snapshot

Weekly operation schedule programs

Field adjustable parameters

Password protected front panel programming

Software Upgrade from PC (USB adapter needed)

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:

-monitoring, download of parameters

    -download of software updates

High visibility, blue color 128x64 pixels graphic LCD

User friendly graphic indicators and bar graphs

Dual language support

Customer logo display capability

Protected semiconductor digital outputs

Output expansion capability

Configurable digital inputs: 12

Configurable digital outputs: 8

Configurable led indicators: 4

Led/Relay output functions selectable from list

Dimensions: 235 x 167 x 48mm (WxHxD)

Sealed front panel (IP65)

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

Product Brochure

User Manual

UL-CSA Certificate


DATALINK to USB Converter Module

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Plastic Bracket

Output Extension Module (DKG-186)

Input Extension Module (DKG-188)


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