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The D-500LITE-MK2 is a next generation genset control unit combining multi-functionality and wide communication possibilities together with a reliable and low cost design. The same controller provides AMF, ATS, Remote Start and Engine Control functionalities. The module comes ready for remote monitoring over GSM or Ethernet with plug-in communication modules. Various plug-in modules provide unlimited expansion capabilities allowing to meet any special requirement. The unit complies and mostly exceeds world’s tightest safety, EMC, vibration and environmental standards for the industrial category. Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade process through USB port. The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, serial and GPRS. The Rainbow Scada central monitoring service allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets from a single central location.



• Diesel and gas genset support

• 400Hz operation support

• 400 event logs, full snapshot

• All parameters front panel editable

• 3 level configuration password

• 128x64 graphical LCD display

• Downloadable languages

• Waveform display of V & I

• Harmonic analysis of V & I

• 16Amp MCB & GCB outputs

• 8 configurable digital inputs

• 6 configurable digital outputs

• 3 configurable analog inputs

• 3 configurable service alarms

• Both CANBUS-J1939 & MPU

• Multiple automatic exerciser

• Weekly operation schedule

• Dual mutual standby with equal aging of gensets

• Manual “speed fine adjust” on selected ECUs

• Automatic fuel pump control

• Disable protections feature

• Excess power protection

• Reverse power protection

• Overload IDMT protection

• Load shedding, dummy load

• Multiple load management

• Current unbalance protection

• Voltage unbalance protection

• Fuel filling & fuel theft alarm

• Battery back-up real time clock

• Idle speed control

• Battery charge run enabled

• Combat mode support

• Multiple nominal conditions

• Contactor & MCB drive

• 4 quadrant genset powercounters

• Mains power counters

• Fuel filling counter

• Fuel consumption counter

• Modem diagnostics display

• Configurable through USB, RS-485, Ethernet and GPRS

• Free configuration program

• Allows SMS controls

• Ready for central monitoring

• Mobile genset support

• Automatic GSM geo-location

• Easy USB firmware upgrade

• IP65 rating with optional gasket

Mains & genset PN/PP voltages

Mains & genset frequency

Mains & genset phase currents

Mains & genset neutral currents

Mains & genset, phase & total,kW, kVA, kVAr, pf

Engine speed

Battery voltage

USB Device


Geo-locating through GSM

Internet Central Monitoring

SMS message sending

E-mail sending

Free PC software: Rainbow Plus

Modbus RTU (2400-57600baud)

Modbus TCP/IP

AMF unit

ATS unit

Remote start controller

Manual start controller

Engine controller

Product Brochure

User Manual

NFPA Application Note

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