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The DKG-327 is a control and protection panel designed to monitor the 3-phase mains voltages, send remote start command to the generating set and make changeover of both generator and mains contactors.

It shows the measured values on its displays.


In AUTOMATIC position, DKG-327 monitors mains phase voltages. In case of a mains failure it controls the remote starting and load transfer of the generating set, and once the generator is running, it  monitors internal protections and external fault inputs. .

If a fault condition occurs, the unit disables the remote starting automatically and indicates the failure source with the corresponding red led lamp.

The unit is able to control both contactors and motorized circuit breakers. 

The front panel mimic diagram provides information about mains and generator power availability as well as contactor positions. 

Automatic contactor control

Automatic motorized circuit breaker control

Remote start relay output

Electrical protections for genset

Built in alarms and warnings,

3 phase mains voltage inputs

3 phase genset voltage inputs

3 phase genset CT inputs

Load active power measurement

Load power factor measurement

Periodic maintenance request indicator

Daily / weekly / monthly exerciser

Engine hours counter

Event logging

Statistical counters

Battery backed-up real time clock

Weekly operation schedule programs

Field adjustable parameters

RS-232 serial port

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:

    -local, LAN,  IP and modem connection

    -monitoring, download of parameters

LED displays

Configurable digital inputs: 4

Configurable relay outputs: 2

Total relay outputs: 4

Output expansion capability

Simulate Mains operation available

Survives cranking dropouts

Sealed front panel

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement


Product Brochure

User Manual

Parameter Setup and Monitoring Software: Rainbow

UL-CSA Certificate

PC Cable  (non-isolated)

PC Cable (isolated)

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Plastic Bracket

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