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The DKG-219 is a comprehensive generator control unit designed to start and stop the generating set both manually and remotely. The manual control is made using the pushbuttons on the front panel. The remote control is made via the REMOTE START input signal.

The operation of the unit is controlled with front panel pushbuttons. The RUN, AUTO and STOP pushbuttons select the operating mode. Other buttons select the display parameter scroll, alarm mute and lamp test functions.


The DKG-219 provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations and operating sequences. The unauthorized access to program parameters is prevented by a 3 level password protection. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.  

True RMS measurements

Dual genset mutual standby operation

Event logging with engine run hours stamp and measurements

Field adjustable parameters

Logic level serial port

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW

GSM and PSTN modem support

GSM SMS message sending on fault

MODBUS communications

Multiple language support

Customer logo display capability

16 Amp contactor outputs

1 Amp DC semiconductor outputs

Configurable analogue inputs: 3

Configurable digital inputs: 5

Configurable digital outputs: 1

Total digital outputs: 3

Plug-in connection system

Product Brochure

User Manual

Parameter Setup and Monitoring Software: Rainbow

Watertight Gasket

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Plastic Bracket


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