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The DKG-110 is a low cost, microprocessor controlled engine protection unit intended for use in manual generating sets as a safety shutdown device. 

The unit is mounted on a standard DIN rail inside the generator control panel. 

The unit has different models for 12 and 24 volt plants.



It offers the basic protection features for a genset as Engine High Temperature, Engine Low Oil Pressure and Generator Overspeed/Underspeed. 

The limits for the correct generator frequency are 30 to 57 Hz. A 3 second delay is provided to enable high current startups.

The Safety On signal is picked up from the AC Generator voltage input. 

The unit is normally powered up via the start/stop key of the control panel. It feeds the fuel solenoid of the engine. On power-up the power led is steadily on. When the protections are active, the led will be flashing.

The unit is available in a DIN rail mount package with standard dimensions of 36x116x60mm. 

DIN rail mounted,

Fuel and alarm relay outputs,

3 semiconductor lamp outputs,

Generator voltage input,

Survives cranking dropouts,

Standard dimensions, 36mm width,

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

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