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DPR-400 is a directional protection relay in standard panel dimensions.

Thanks to its low depth, it provides space economy in panels where it is used.

The large color screen allows simultaneous display of multiple measurements.

The DPR-400 features dual current measurement circuits. Thus it is both a precise analyzer and a 50xIn protection relay. 


Through RS-485 and ethernet comports, the unit is easily connected to Scada and automation systems.

Parameter adjustment is done through the USB or ethernet ports.

The basic unit offers 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs. 12 inputs and 12 relay outputs are optionally available.

• 4.3” color graphic screen, 480x272 pixels

• Accurate power analyzer (Class 0.5%)

• Multiple protection curves

• Self test, internal failure monitoring

• Cold reclosure

• Load detecting relay outputs

• 2 independent adjustment sets

• Multiple languages

• All parameters front panel adjustable

• 3 level password protection

• Setup through USB, ethernet and RS-485

• Free PC program for setup

• Firmware upgrade through USB

• Low panel depth, only 55mm

• Ethernet 10/100Mbit

• USB 2.0 PC connection

• RS-485 (isolated) 2400-115200 baud

• IEC61850

• Modbus TCP/IP

• Modbus RTU

• IEC60870-5-10

• 100 x event records with 1ms time stamp

• 7 x oscillographic records (Comtrade format)

• Adjustable sampling rate (20..160 /cycle)

• Total 1MB record memory

• Phase voltages: V1-V2-V3-U12-U23-U31

• Phase currents: I1-I2-I3-Inötr-Ignd

• Active power: P1-P2-P3-∑P

• Reactive power: Q1-Q2-Q3-∑Q

• Apparent power: S1-S2-S3-∑S

• Power factor: cos1-cos2-cos3-∑cos

• Frequency: F

• Negative sequence currents and voltages

• Zero sequence currents and voltages

• T32Q value

• IEC Standard / Very /  Extreme Inverse

• UK Long Term Inverse

• IEEE Medium / Very / Extreme Inverse

• US Normal Inverse, Short Time Inverse

User Manual

Product Brochure

CE EMC Certificate

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