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  • 30 x CT INPUTS                                     • 24xFUSE DETECTORS

  • HARMONIC ANALYSIS                         


DKM-430-PRO is a precision instrument allowing  the measurement, recording and remote monitoring of 10 3-phased or 30 single-phased feeders (or any combination of these two) in AC distribution panels.

The unit offers additional 24 inputs capable of being used as FUSE detectors or digital inputs. Several combination of these two are available.

The optional internal GPRS modem allows remote monitoring and control of the distribution panel without the use of any additional module.

The standard model has universal 85-300VAC supply. 24-110VDC supply versions are available.


Current inputs of the unit are designed for 0.1A output current transformers (CTs). Different 0.1A rated CTs are available at Datakom for sales.

Each CT can be assigned to any phase voltage and  any virtual analyser. Inputs can be moved between analysers without modifying connections.

The astronomical relay function calculates sunrise and sunset times precisely for daylight based applications.

Any fault or warning signal can be connected to digital inputs of the unit. Input functions are selected from list. Any function can be assigned to relay outputs of the unit. Relays may be remotely operated through the central monitoring program. Additional 24 inputs are optional.

The isolated RS-485 MODBUS RTU data port is unaffected by ground potential differences and allows safe transmission of information to monitoring and automation systems.

   • Equivalent to 10 3-phase analysers

  • 24 fuse detector inputs

   • True RMS measurements

   • 1.0% measurement precision

   • Internal record memory: 1MB

   • Internal battery backed-up real time clock

   • Astronomical relay function

   • Isolated RS-485 serial port

   • MODBUS-RTU communication

   • Internal GPRS modem (optional)

   • 2 programmable relay outputs

   • 2 optically isolated programmable inputs

   • Active-reactive energy counters

   • USB port for programming

   • Free programming software

   • Graphic LCD, 128x64 pixels

   • Wide supply range: 85-305VAC / 88-450VDC

   • DC supply version available

   • Wide operating temperature range

Product brochure

Parameter Setup and Monitoring Software: Rainbow Plus

Rainbow Scada Remote Monitoring Software

UL-CSA Certificate

USB Cable

DKM-430: no modem, no additional inputs, AC supply

DKM-430-M: Internal GPRS modem, no additional inputs, AC supply

DKM-430-PRO: no modem, 24 additional inputs, AC supply

DKM-430-PRO-M: Internal GPRS modem, 24 additional inputs, AC supply

DKM-430-DC: no modem, no additional inputs, DC supply

DKM-430-DC-M: Internal GPRS modem, no additional inputs, DC supply

DKM-430-PRO-DC: no modem, 24 additional inputs, DC supply

DKM-430-PRO-DC-M: Internal GPRS modem, 24 additional inputs, DC supply

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