The intelligent DKG-210 module connects any industrial device to the Rainbow Scada remote monitoring and control system, through internet. It supports both Ethernet and GPRS connections.

The DKG-210 is designed for internet monitoring and control of industrial devices using different protocols through the RAINBOW SCADA monitoring system The DKG-210 does not require any static or real IP number or any port redirection. It is a simple “plug & play” unit working on any internet enabled connection.


The RAINBOW SCADA system is informative (rather beeing querry based), thus data traffic is reduced and data security enforced.

The slave device Modbus map is held by the central server and automatically downloaded to the DKG-210 when needed, thus no firmware upgrade is required to add new device types to the monitoring system.

Data ports available for device polling include dual RS-485, RS-232 and USB. The unit supports up to 32 devices on each RS-485 port. Adding RS-232 and USB ports, a maximum of 66 devices may be polled with one DKG-210 unit Supported protocols include, but not limited to MODBUS-RTU, IEC62056 and Datakom-Rainbow communication.

The DKG-210 unit features 2 relay outputs for remote control and 2 digital inputs for remote sensing.

Ethernet port (10/100Mb)

Internal GPRS modem (optional)

Dual RS-485 ports, adjustable speed

RS-232, adjustable baud rate

USB Host 2.0

USB Device 2.0

Plug & play IP system, easy installation

Provides data security with dynamic IP

AC and DC supply types available

Free PC configuration software

Internal GPRS modem with magnetic antenna

Ethernet and GPRS connection support

Dual RS-485 ports

RS-232 port

USB Host port

2 x Digital inputs

2 x Relay Outputs

GPRS can back-up the Ethernet

DIN rail mounted

Product Brochure​

User Manual​

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