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The DFC-0124 is an advanced, precision 24 step power factor control and metering device offering unrivalled internet monitoring capabilities in a standard 144x144mm panel mount enclosure.

The large color graphic display allows visualisation of complex graphics and provides ease of use.

The unit has various models offering 12-18-24 step outputs. Outputs can be selected as contactor or static switch drivers in blocks of 6. Every output is capable of driving single or three phase, capacitor or reactor.

The unit is very simple to install and commission thanks to the automatic setup and connection correction features.

Vast communication capabilities are embedded to the unit. It does not require any external component.

The unit itself is a web page and can be opened through any browser for remote monitoring. The central monitoring feature can monitor thousands of meters on one screen.

Thanks to its SVC outputs it can match the exact target pf value independently of capacitor rating selections.


SVC stands for “Static Var Compensation”.

The unit has 3 SVC outputs which are duty cycle controlled PWMs that control 3 reactors with a precision of 1000 steps.

Thus the controller is able to supply almost any required reactive power on each phase, enabling matching the exact required PF, independently from capacitor bank selection.

 • Easy to use with user friendly menu system

 • Easy automatic setup under load

 • Automatic correction of connection faults

 • Measurement period: 10-100ms adjustable

 • Reactive correction in 20ms

 • 24-18-12 step output options

 • All steps can drive capacitors/thyristors

 • All steps can be mono or tri-phased

 • Always exact correction with SVC outputs

 • 0.5% measurement accuracy, true RMS

 • 32 bit power measurement accuracy

 • Low current compensation capable (3mA)

 • ​Color LCD display, 480x272 pixels

 • Harmonic measurements of all voltages and currents

 • Harmonic distortion display (31 harmonics)

 • Oscilloscope, waveform display

​ • Ready for remote monitoring over GPRS and LAN

 • Geo-location over GSM

 • Remote parameter adjustment

 • Remote step control enabled

 • Long term data recording on USB flash memory

 • Battery backed-up real time clock

 • 250 event records with date-time

 • User configurable display screens

 • Adjustable alarm limits

 • Configurable relay outputs

 • Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

 • Password protected front panel programming

 • Reduced panel depth

 • Sealed front panel (IP65 with gasket)

• Modbus RTU RS-485, 2400-115200 baud

• Modbus TCP/IP


• Gömülü Web sitesi, HTML

• GSM-SMS mesaj gönderimi

• Elektronik posta gönderimi

• İnternet üzerinden merkezi izleme

• Dinamik DNS desteği

• TCP/IP server

• TCP/IP client



Product Brochure

User Manual


Product and Remote Monitoring Presentation

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Product and Remote Monitoring Presentation

USB Cable

Watertight Gasket

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Type Plastic Bracket

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