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The DKG-255 is a microprocessor controlled digital speed control unit designed to control the engine speed with fast and accurate response to load changes.

The unit is able to adjust automatically its PID settings, simplifying the programming process and improving the dynamic response quality.


The automatic PID speed regulation function controls the dynamic performance of the unit and allows stable operation with most engine types.

The DKG-255 offers programmable parameters to adjust IDLE and RATED speed settings. The IDLE speed mode is selected with an external switch.

Automatic PID Setup functionality

Microprocessor controlled

12 and 24V operation

Capable of governing various engines

Forward acting actuator output

Fast and accurate response

Starting fuel adjustment

Speed ramp adjustment

Overspeed alarm output

Adjustable rated and idle speeds

Isochronous and droop operation

Gain and stability adjustments

External speed adjustment capability

Synchronizing and load sharing input

Switchmode output circuit

10 Amps continuous current output

Speed sensor failure detection

Battery reverse voltage protection

Output short circuit protection

Rugged design

Enamel protected electronic circuit

User Manual

Product Brochure

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