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The DKG-190 is a high-tech product designed to decrease operating engine hours of gensets used in telecommunication systems.
The unit brings considerable economies to genset run-hours, fuel consumption and service cost.

In simple telecom systems, gensets run during mains failure periods. Thus the genset run hour is equal to the sum of mains failure hours. 

The DKG-190 feeds the existing genset control unit with the AC voltage that it generates internally and prevents the engine from running when not necessary. It can be adapted to any brand and model of genset control unit.


The unit measures and displays precisely battery, genset and mains voltages.

The AC voltage generated by the unit is a pure sinus with adjustable voltage and frequency. These features are obtained thanks to the high voltage PWM control and PID loop.

Supports both 24V and 48V DC systems

Supply voltage range: 19-70VDC

Accurate DC voltage measurement

True RMS mains/genset voltage measurements

Adjustable and PID controlled AC output

Adjustable AC output frequency

Pure sinus AC output voltage

Genset test capability

Adjustable parameters

DIN rail mounted

Small dimensions

Wide operating temperature range

2 part connection system

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User Manual

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