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The Datakom Battery Monitor is a compact unit used in telecom systems. It monitors the telecom battery discharge level in order to trigger external battery charging systems like diesel generating sets.

The unit is designed to be mounted on a DIN Rail, inside a panel. Its size is equivalent to two standard circuit breakers.

Thanks to the optical isolation between input and output the unit can be used with different systems including genset control systems.

The unit has an adjustable precision threshold level for lowbattery detection. The adjustment is made from the front panel with a screwdriver. Charge and discharge leds indicate the current battery status.



The CHARGE led turns on when the battery voltage is above 52.0 V-DC. The DISCHARGE led turns on when the battery voltage is below 52.0 V-DC.

The BATTERY LOW led turns on when the battery voltage falls below 46V-DC (adjustable).

The unit is powered up from the battery which is monitored.

The output is an optically isolated semiconductor, conducting when the BATTERY LOW led turns on. Connections are made with 2 part plug and socket connector.

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