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The Datakom DKG-193 Phase Selector Relay monitors mains phases to output one phase within preconfigured limits. This ensures power continuity for single phase systems by using the healthiest phase. If the output phase voltage goes outside the programmed limits for the programmed fault duration, another phase is selected and supplied to the output of the device. If none of the input phases are within the limits, No Phase alarm LED turns on.


The unit’s voltage limits and fault durations can be configured from the programming menu. In addition, one phase can be assigned priority and contactor blocking mode can be enabled and disabled. Relay outputs can also be enabled/disabled from the programming menu. The R-S-T LEDs located on the front panel indicate which phase is being fed to the output. Alarm LEDs indicate fault status. Blocked contactors can be reset and alarms can be dismissed using the relevant buttons on the unit. The unit is supplied by the phase input and does not require a DC supply

DIN Rail Mounted

DC Supply Not Required

Contactor Blocking Mode

Configurable Mains Voltage High-Low Limit

Configurable Mains Voltage Instantaneous

High-Low Limit

Priority Phase Configuration

Adjustable Hysteresis Voltage

Adjustable Mains Power Unavailable Limit

Adjustable Relay Transfer Timer

Adjustable Reaction Timers

3A/250VAC Contactor Outputs

Stuck Contactor Alarm

No Phase Available Alarm

Contactor Fail To Close Alarm

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