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Seismic Security Panel

DATAKOM DSD-080 Seismic Security Panel monitors seismic motions of a strong earthquake and provides relay output signals from it. Output signals are used to shut-off critical installations as natural gas and LPG systems, generators, elevators and the like.

The unit helps reducing damages of a probable earthquake.

On its graphical display screen, the unit shows system status.


DSD-080 incorporates highly sensitive triple axis seismic sensors. The unit is maintenance free and capable of making self-test. The earthquake sensing specifications of DSD-080 conforms to both ANSI Z21.80 (1981), ASCE 25-97 and TS-12884(2002) standards.

DSD-080 operates on mains with a battery backup. 24V/1.2A-h batteries are incorporated to the unit.

The unit provides automatic battery charging feature.

During long mains failures, if batteries get low, the unit gives audible and visible alarm.

• Conformal to international earhquake standards

• Triple axis motion detection

• Automatic self-test

• Internal 24V battery

• 5 programmable relay outputs (5Amp)

• Wide operating voltage range (85-305VAC)

• Wide operating temperature range (-10...70°C)

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