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The DSD-060 Earthquake Shutdown Device is a high-tech unit which detects seismic acceleration occurring during an earthquake and generates control signals to shutdown any critical devices such as generators, elevators, valves and industrial equipment.
DSD-060 is based on very sensitive silicon micromachined sensors.

It is lightweight, small, maintenance free and capable of performing self-test. The seismic properties of the device are conformal to ANSI Z.21-70(1981) and ASCE 25-97 standards. 



Conformal to ANSI Z.21-70 (1981)

Conformal to ASCE 25-97

Microprocessor controlled

Semiconductor acceleration sensors

Dual axis

Non-seismic accelerations filtered

Separate outputs for standard and high


Maintenance free

Capable of performing self-test

Operates on 10 to 30 volts DC

Direct interface to gensets, elevators and

alarm systems

Overload protected relay outputs

Resin molded design

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