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DATAKOM DSD-050 is a high-tech unit which detects seismic motion. On the occurrence of an earthquake it gives audible and visible alarms and closes a relay contact to shutdown gas and industrial valves.

Thus it is possible to minimize the fire risk after an earthquake.

DSD-050 is a very cost effective device for shutdown applications. The unit is based on highly reliable dual axis seismic sensors. It is small, maintenance free and capable of performing selftest.


The unit operates on mains power. It incorporates a lead-acid battery and an automatic battery charger which allow uninterrupted operation even in case of AC power failures. During long mains failures, if the internal battery gets weak, the unit gives audible and visible alarms. The seismic properties of the unit are conformal to ANSI Z.21-70(1981), ASCE 25-97 and TS 12884 standards.

Conformal to ANSI Z.21-70 (1981)

Conformal to ASCE 25-97

Conformal to TS 12884

Microprocessor controlled

Semiconductor acceleration sensors

Dual axis

Non-seismic accelerations filtered

High current relay output

Maintenance free

Capable of performing self-test

Operates on 170 to 270 V-AC

Direct interface to 12V-DC valves

Plug-in connection system for easy


Small dimensions (232x200x65mm)

Low cost

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