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The DKG-117 is a microprocessor controlled synchroscope with programmable synch check relay in a DIN96 front panel mounted package.

The DKG-117 is mainly used in manual genset synchronization applications for synchronization checking between a genset and the genset busbar or between the genset busbar and the mains.



It monitors the voltage and frequency of 2 independent power networks as well as the instantenous phase angle between them.

The measured parameters are displayed on the 3 digit digital display. The 24 led circular synchroscope displays the phase angle between 2 networks. The synchroscope display is only activated if both network voltages are within the set limits.

The synchronization checking is enabled either via the SYNCH CHECK ENABLE signal input or by depressing the front panel SYNCH pushbutton.
The synchronization checking consists of the verification of below conditions during 4 consecutive busbar cycles:
- the busbar voltage between set limits
- genset phase voltage between set limits
- busbar-genset frequency difference below the set limit
- busbar-genset voltage difference below the set limit
- busbar-genset phase angle below the set limit

24 led circular synchroscope

Programmable ΔV, Δf, Δθ for check synch relay

1 phase genset voltage input

1 phase busbar voltage input

Synch Check Enable input

Dead Bus Enable input

Auto power off

Adjustable parameters

Front panel configurable

Survives cranking dropouts

LED displays

Sealed front panel

Plug-in connection system for easy replacement

Product Brochure

User Manual


CE Safety Certificate

CE EMC Certificate

UL-CSA Certificate



Watertight Gasket

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Plastic Bracket


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