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The SVC-10 is a thyristor based switch designed for reactive power compensation panels.

It has 3 switching elements of 16A current carrying capacity and drives 3 single-phase inductive reactors. 

The driver is designed to be connected to SVC outputs of DFC-0112 and DFC-0124 series reactive power control relays. 

Thanks to the SVC system, inductive reactors can be driven between 0% and 100% duty cycle providing the exact amount of reactive energy to the grid.

With its 3 x single-phase structure, the unit helps to improve phase unbalances of the reactive power.


Main advantages of inductive load drivers are silent operation, fast switching, unlimited switching life and electrically noiseless operation.

The fan turns on only when necessary, providing longer life and energy efficiency.

• 10kVAr continuous power

• Current Rating: 3x16A continuous

• Reactor driving between 0-100%  rating

• Immediate turn-on

• Zero current turn-off

• Electrically noiseless operation

• High I²T, A²S, di/dt resistance

• Overvoltage rating: 1600 V peak

• Overload capacity: 1.5 In during 1 minute

• Reactor thermostat input

• Led indicators

• Sınırsız anahtarlama ömrü

• Silent operation

• Maintenance free

Installation Guide (Turkish)

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