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SMPS series are fixed output voltage, current limited battery chargers specially designed for permanent connection to genset starter batteries. 

They maintain the batteries fully charged, without overcharging or gassing.


When the battery voltage is below the float charge level, the charger provides constant current, nearly equal to the rated output current allowing a rapid recovery of the missing charge.

When the battery voltage reaches the float level, the charger switches to constant voltage charge mode and maintains the battery fully charged, providing the maximum battery life. 

The chargers are designed in switchmode technology. Their rugged design allows surviving in harsh electromagnetic environments found in automotive industry.

 -100 KHz switchmode architecture

-Float charging system

-Constant voltage output

-Current limited

-Rugged design for industrial environments

-Wide operating voltage range

-Rectifier fail output

-Boost charge input

-Short circuit protection

-Overload protection

-High temperature protection

-Plug-in connection system 


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