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The DKM-409 is a precision instrument designed for displaying various AC parameters in 3-phase distribution panels.

The graphic screen allows display of waveforms and harmonic analysis graphs.

Thanks to its isolated RS-485 Modbus RTU port, the device is free from ground potential difference issues and measured parameters are safely transferred to automation systems.

The power supply of the unit is isolated and offers 2 supply ranges, namely 85-305VAC and 19-150VDC.


Various display screens can be scrolled automatically. User configurable screens transform the unit to a custom designed measurement panel.

Digital inputs/outputs and the RS-485 port of the unit are optional. Thus economical options keeping the base measurement and display system are available.

 • Wide auxiliary supply range

 • True RMS measurements

 • Harmonic distortion  display ( 31 harmonics)

 • Oscilloscope, waveform display

 • Max demand display

 • User configurable display screen

 • Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

 • MODBUS-RTU communication

 • 2 configurable relay outputs

 • Energy pulse output capability

 • Optically isolated, configurable digital inputs

 • Switched dual active-reactive power counters

 • Independent mains/generator energy metering

 • Configurable user counters

 • Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

 • Password protected front panel programming

 • High visibility, 128x64 pixels graphic LCD

 • Reduced panel depth

 • Wide operating temperature range

 • Sealed front panel (IP54)

 • Plug-in connection system

   • Faz - Faz gerilimler: U12-U23-U31

   • Faz - Nötr gerilimler: V1-V2-V3

   • Faz Akımları: I1-I2-I3

   • Faz aktif güçleri: P1-P2-P3

   • Faz reaktif güçleri: Q1-Q2-Q3

   • Faz görünen güçleri: S1-S2-S3

   • Faz güç faktörleri: cos1-cos2-cos3

   • Toplam aktif güç: ∑P

   • Toplam reaktif güç: ∑Q

   • Toplam görünen güç: ∑S

   • Toplam güç faktörür: ∑cos

   • Aktif güç sayaçları: Pc1-Pc2

   • Reaktif güç sayaçları: Qc1-Qc2

   • Genel sayaçlar: USR1-USR2-USR3-USR4

   • Gerilim ve akım girişlerinin 2-31 harmonikleri

Product Brochure

Installation Guide

User Manual

EMC Certificate

EMC Test Report

DKM_409    : Base unit, RS-485 port, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs

DKM-409-S4: Base unit, RS-485 port, no digital I/O

DKM-409-S  : Base unit, no RS-485 port, no digital I/O

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