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DK-70 is a next generation compressor controller providing control of a screw or piston type air compressor driven by electric motor. DK-70 offers wide internet-based communication capabilities satisfying tomorrow’s needs. It allows remote monitoring and control over internet. A mobile phone app is also available for ease of use. The unit incorporates all functions needed in a compressor control panel, eliminating the need for extra modules in the panel and lowering panel cost. The early start function analyzes the air consumption trend and starts the compressor before the pressure falls below the low set limit. Using the Weekly Schedule Program and Pressure Calendar functions, the compressor can be programmed to start on given hours and days of the week with user defined set pressure values.


The unit is supplied from the utility. Fault contacts and senders are internally supplied, eliminating the need for a supply transformer in the panel. The 2.9”, 128x64 pixel LCD screen displays values in bigger size with graphic support. The controller is designed to conform to highest industrial standards in safety, vibration, EMC and environmental conditions. Firmware updates can be done easily via the USB port. The device can be monitored and programmed via USB, RS-485, Ethernet, WIFI and GPRS using the Windows based free PC software. Rainbow Scada web service enables central remote monitoring and control of an unlimited number of compressors.

Ethernet port (optional)

GSM-2G-3G-4G-NB/IOT-SMS (optional)

WiFi connection (optional)

Embedded Web server

Web monitoring & programming & control

Canbus multi-compressor operation (opt.)

Modbus RS-485 (optional)

RS-232 (optional)


USB Flash Drive socket (optional)

USB GPS support

USB Device Port

Equal aging, multiple compressor control

Weekly schedule and pressure calendar

5 independent service counters

Star / Delta starting

0-10V and 4-20mA frequency inverter control

8 programmable relay outputs

8 programmable digital inputs

3 pressure sender inputs

4 temperature sender inputs

Adjustable sender curves

Current, voltage, power and phase sequence protections

V & I harmonic display and oscilloscope

Fully closed front panel (IP65 with gasket)

Central Monitoring

Embedded Web Server


GPS (geo-location)




Modbus TCP/IP

SNMP 1.0 with trap



Product Brochure​

User Manual​

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