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DFC-0108 allows the power factor of the installation to be stabilized to the requested value by switching capacitor banks and inductive reactors through contactors.

The unit allows the visualization of various AC parameters as a network analyzer. It makes harmonic analysis of voltages and currents up to the 31th component.


Stepping algorithms are selectable between various types.

Thanks to the automatic setup function, the commissioning and programming are made easy.

The optimal stepping program provides longest contactor and capacitor life cycles.

The unit fits into a standard 96x96mm panel opening.

  • Small size

  • Cost effective and high performance

  • True RMS AC measurements, high accuracy

  • Easy commissioning through automatic setup

  • Automatic CT reverse polarity correction

  • Electronic/mechanical power counter selection

  • Supports single-phase and tri-phase banks

  • Per-phase regulation capability

  • Connection/disconnection of all banks at once

  • Adjustable delay timers

  • Per phase and total V-A-kW-kVAr-cos display

  • THD display of all V-I parameters (31 harmonic)

   • VT ratio for MV applications

  • kW and kVAr tick output possibility

  • Front panel programmable

  • Low panel depth, easy installation

  • Wide temperature range

  • Sealed front panel (IP54)

  • Plug-in connection system, easy replacement

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