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Tailored for the most demanding applications, the D-700-TFT-MK3 provides synchronization, load share, mains synchronization, soft transfer, AMF, ATS, Remote Start, Engine control and remote display panel functionalities in a single unit.

Easy commissioning is achieved with the automatic learning feature, a first in the industry.



Unequalled communication capabilities allow integration to virtually any management system.

The multi-functionality of the unit allows it to be a genset or mains synchronizer, even a parallel to mains controller with soft transfer in both directions.

Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade through USB port. 

The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet and GPRS.

The Rainbow Scada web service allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets from a single central location.

• Multi genset synch & load share

• Mains synchronization

• Single genset parallel with mains

• DC genset controller

• AMF unit (uninterrupted transfer)

• ATS unit (uninterrupted transfer)

• Remote start controller

• Manual start controller

• Engine controller

• Remote display panel

• Central Monitoring

• Embedded Web Server


• GPS (geo-location)


• E-mail

• Modbus

• Modbus TCP/IP

• SNMP v1 v2c v3




• Diesel and gas genset support

• 400Hz operation support

• 400 event logs, full snapshot

• All parameters front panel editable

• 3 level configuration password

• 4.3” 480x272pixels color LCD

• Downloadable languages

• Waveform display of V & I

• Harmonic analysis of V & I

• Synchroscope & check synch

• Allows closed transfers

• 12 configurable digital inputs

• Inputs expandable to 44

• 8 configurable digital outputs

• Outputs expandable to 40

• 7 configurable analog inputs

• 2 configurable analog outputs

• Both CANBUS-J1939 & MPU

• 3 configurable service alarms

• Multiple topologies

• 6xCT, true mains metering

• Supports up to 48 gensets

• Automatic learning/self adjust

• Direct governor & AVR control

• Voltage and phase matching

• kW & kVAr load sharing

• True soft transfer in both ways

• PLC functions

• DC genset functionality

• DPF regeneration functionality

• Peak Lopping / peak shaving

• Mains de-coupling protection

• R.O.C.O.F protection

• Vector shift protection

• Reverse power protection

• Over/under freq. Protection

• Over/under voltage protection

• Smart load management

• Smart genset sequencing

• Run/stop priority support

• Equal aging of gensets

• Base load (power export)

• Unmanaged distributed power export support

• AVR & GOV droop support

• Dead bus sensing

• Multiple automatic exerciser

• Weekly operation schedule

• Dual mutual standby with equal aging of gensets

• Manual “speed fine adjust” on selected ECUs

• Automatic fuel pump control

• Disable protections feature

• Excess power protection

• Reverse power protection

• Overload IDMT protection

• Load shedding, dummy load

• Multiple load management

• Current unbalance protection

• Voltage unbalance protection

• Fuel filling & fuel theft alarms

• Contactor & MCB drive

• Battery back-up real time clock

• Idle speed control

• Battery charge run enabled

• Combat mode support

• Multiple nominal conditions

• 4 quadrant genset power counters

• Mains power counters

• Fuel filling counter

• Fuel consumption counter

• Modem & ethernet diagnostics

• Configurable through USB, RS-485, Ethernet and GPRS

• Free configuration program

• Allows SMS controls

• Ready for central monitoring ethernet & GPRS

• SNMP v1 v2c v3 support

• Mobile genset support

• Automatic GSM geo-location

• GPS connectivity (USB&RS232)

• Dynamic DNS support

• Easy USB firmware upgrade

• IP65 rating with standard gasket

Product Brochure

User Manual

Installation Instructions


Rainbow Scada Remote Monitoring Software

USB Cable

Watertight Gasket

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Type Plastic Bracket

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