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DATAKOM DKM-185, is a safety unit displaying the existence of hazardeous voltages on MV installations. The opration principle resides on busbar voltage measurement throough a capacitive divider bridge. In order to provide a high level of safety, LCD displays operate directly from the isolator current. Thus displays will be operative even in the absence of DC auxiliary supply voltage. The unit is provided in 2 variants as relayless or relay versions. The DC-ON led will indicate the availability of the auxiliary DC supply voltage on relay version.


Conformally the EN61243-5 standard, if any phase voltage is above 0.45Un the related display turns on and the relat output becomes active. If the phase voltage is below 0.1Un then the related display will turn off. If all phase voltages are below 0.1Un then the relay is off. The unit is polarized to ground and does not carry hazardeous voltages. For verification, divided voltages are also available on the front panel test terminals. The unit will come together with its watertight gasket for test terminals and panel installation. Units are specially manufactured for usage conditions. Together with the order, the capacitive isolator value (pF) and the busbar voltage should be specified. The relay version’s power supply is an isolated switchmode and does not polarize the DC busbar.

●Wide operating voltage range (1kV-52kV)

●EN61243-5 LRM conformal detection

●Independent indicators for each phase

●Test terminals (3 phase + ground)

●1 relay output (5Amp) (5Amp)

●DC-ON led indicator

●Wide DC supply range (19-150VDC)

● Isolated power supply

●Wide operating temperature range (-20...+70°C)

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