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The DKM-046 measures temperature and humidity in three different locations, provides protection and serves data to remote monitoring and control systems.

It also provides temperature and humidity control through programmable relay functions.

Relay functions are programmable with functions selected from a list.

Sensing modules are separated from the base unit, connecting with cables.


Two different auxiliary supply versions are available. The AC model accepts 85 to 305VAC and the DC model accepts 19 to 150VDC.

The module provides data to automation and BMS systems through its isolated RS-485 Modbus port.

The programming is performed through pushbuttons on the unit.

Sensor modules incorporate ST-HTS221 polymer dielectric planar capacitive sensors.

● Supports 3 temperature & humidity sensors

● AC and DC auxiliary supply versions

● Programmable relay outputs: 4

● Temperature and humidity control

● Independent heating / cooling / humidifying / dehumidifying control for each sensor

● Temperature measuring range:  -40...+80°C

● Humidity measuring range: 0% ... 100% 

● Front panel programming

● Supports Modbus programming

● DIN rail mounted, easy installation

● Operating temp range: -20°C ... +70 °C

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