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The DKG-359 is a precision measurement tool designed to monitor and control DC power systems. The unit has precision, fully isolated measuring inputs for the DC voltage and the DC current. It supports both “positive to ground” and “negative to ground”

The current is measured through a DC current shunt placed in positive or negative output of
the power source. 

The unit has 2 voltage measurement inputs totally isolated from the rest of the circuit allowing independent
measurements from the power supply It has one DC shunt type current measurement input, totally isolated from the rest of the unit which is capable of measuring the current in positive or negative branch.

The unit has an isolated RS-485 data port with Modbus protocol in order to transmit data to supervisory and control systems.


The unit provides a comprehensive set of programmable parameters. All programs may be modified via the free configuration program.

The unit is capable of providing a REMOTE START signal for the genset system. The genset starting is based on the precisely measured DC battery bank voltage. Once started, the controller will monitor the battery charging cycle and will stop the genset when
batteries are fully charged. The optimal charge algorithm allows maximum battery life and minimal engine run time and fuel consumption.

The unit offers a PT100 type, battery temperature sensor input. If used, the temperature protection will allow longer battery life in hot environment and faster charge in cold conditions. 

The unit has 2 programmable relay outputs. The relay function is selectable from list.

Compatible with 12V, 24V and 48V DC systems

Isolated Volt - Amp measurements

Battery temperature input for PT100 sensor

Optimal charging, provides longer battery life

Temperature dependent battery charging

Remote Start relay output

Alarm relay output

Adjustable parameters

Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW

MODBUS communications

Product Brochure​

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