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The DATAKOM Fet Extension unit is used to increase the number of digital outputs of a DKG-xxx genset control module.

The fet extension unit provides 8 overload and short circuit protected mosfet outputs pulling to battery negative when active.

The Fet Extension unit is universal and can be used together with any DKG-xxx unit featuring an extension connector. DKG-xxx modules support generally a maximum of 2 or 4 extension modules, which provides a maximum of 16 or 32 digital outputs.


The units are cascadable. The output connector of each module connects to the input connector of the next module. It is also possible to combine a Fet Extension module together with a Relay Extension module.

Any output function can be assigned to any digital output. Digital output functions are programmed through the DKG-xxx modules, changing the extension module will not affect output functions.

The unit is designed to be mounted on a DIN Rail, inside a panel. Its size is equivalent to 4 standard circuit breakers.

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