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DATAKOM AVR-10-D is a microprocessor controlled digital voltage regulator designed for synchronous brushless alternators. It features high static and dynamic voltage stability in a compact and low-cost package. The device has open chassis, resin molded design and is intended to be mounted inside the alternator’s terminal box. The output stage of the device is a Half Wave thyristor output associated with a freewheeling diode. The unit does not include moving parts; therefore, it is able to operate in highly vibrating environments. The unit regulates the alternator voltage by adjusting the DC voltage applied to the excitation winding. It uses digital PID algorithms for the maximum precision and the best dynamic response.


The unit supports both AREP, PMG or shunt regulated alternators. It has separate inputs for voltage measurement and the excitation supply. The internal supply is derived from excitation supply inputs and has an operating range of 35- 300VAC. Thus, the output voltage regulation range is as wide as 42-277VAC Ph-N (73- 480VAC Ph-Ph) in SHUNT mode and 15-277V in AREP or PMG modes. The required minimum residual voltage for buildup is 3 VAC. The standard unit comes ready for flawless operation with most alternators; however, it also provides a complete set of programmable parameters allowing precise adaptation to the alternator and the application in question. Thanks to the led display and key switches, all parameters are programmable on the unit itself without the need for an additional instrument. This adds ease of use to the unit.

Supports both AREP-PMG-SHUNT operations

10 Amps continuous current output capability

20 Amps forcing for 10 seconds

Requires only 3VAC for build-up

Microprocessor controlled

3 phase network connection

Phase-phase or phase-neutral voltage control

Selectable voltage regulation modes

Single phase or 3 phase operation capability

Compatible with 50 and 60Hz alternators

Wide voltage range (42-277VAC Ph-N)

1 phase alternator load current connection

Automatic reactive load sharing capability

Automatic droop capability (positive or negative)

Automatic alternator power limiting

Analog load sharing inputs (±3V and 0-10V)

LAM for low frequency protection, knee function

Soft recovery from severe overloads

Exciter over current protection

High Temperature protection

Sensing loss protection

Programmable parameters

All parameters programmable on the unit

Optional non-isolated USB port

Optional isolated RS-485 port

Optional isolated CANBUS port

Wide supply voltage range, 35-305VAC

Wide voltage regulation range, 42-277VAC

Resin molded design against vibration

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