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  • SCOPEMETER                         • 4-20mA ANALOG OUTPUTS
  • 4 DIGITAL INPUTS                   • 2 RELAY OUTPUTS

The DKM-409 is a precision instrument designed for displaying, logging and remote monitoring of various AC parameters in a 3-phase network.

Thanks to its isolated RS-485 Modbus RTU comport, the device is free from ground potential difference issues and data are safely transferred to automation and monitoring systems.

The power supply of the unit is isolated. The supply range is 85-300V-AC and 110V-DC allowing universal use in AC and DC supplies.


With 4 CT inputs, the device measures directly the neutral (or ground) current.

The device has 1MB internal memory for the record of all electrical parameters with required frequency. Records are read through Modbus.

The device supports micro-SD flash memory cards with unlimited data storage capacity for long term data recording.

The unit has 2 x 4-20mA analog outputs. Any measurement can be output as analog value.

The graphic screen allows display of waveforms and harmonic analysis graphs.

The user configurable screen where any measured parameter set can be displayed, transforms the unit to a custom designed measurement panel.

  • True RMS measurements

  • 0.5% measurement accuracy

  • Internal 1MB record memory

  • Unlimited capacity micro-SD card support

  • FAT32 file system support on micro-SD card

  • Long term data recording in Excel-CSV format.

  • Harmonic distortion display (31 harmonics)

  • Oscilloscope, waveform display

  • Max demand display

  • User configurable display screen

  • Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

  • MODBUS-RTU communication

  • 2 configurable relay outputs

  • Energy pulse output capability

  • 4 optically isolated, configurable digital inputs

  • 2 isolated, programmable 4-20mA analog out

  • Switched dual active-reactive power counters

  • Independent mains/generator energy metering

  • Configurable user counters

  • Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

  • Password protected front panel programming

  • High visibility, 128x64 pixels graphic LCD

  • Reduced panel depth

  • Wide power supply range

  • Suitable for 110V-DC supply

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Sealed front panel (IP54)

  • Plug-in connection system


  • Ph-N and Ph-Ph volts: V1-V2-V3-U12-U23-U31

  • Phase and neutral currents: I1-I2-I3-In

  • Phase active power: P1-P2-P3

  • Phase and total, active/reactive/apparent powers:

  • P1-P2-P3-Q1-Q2-Q3-S1-S2-S3-∑P-∑Q-∑S

  • Ph and total power factor: cos1-cos2-cos3-∑cos

  • Active and reactive counters: Pc1-Pc2-Qc1-Qc2

  • User counters: USR1-USR2-USR3-USR4

  • 2...31 Harmonics of any voltage or current

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