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The DKM-407 is a DIN rail mounted precision and low cost unit allowing measurement and remote monitoring of AC parameters in a distribution panel.

Main applications are remote monitoring and energy management.

The unit is supplied between L1 and Neutral terminals. Thanks to the supply range of 85-305V, it is not affected by voltage fluctuations and is capable of operating in any network.

The unit features an 32-bit ARM core microcontroller. With a sampling rate of 4096s/s it reaches 0.5% measurement precision.

The unit provides harmonic analysis of all voltage and current channels, up to the 31th component.


The unit provides 1 programmable digital input and 1 programmable relay output. Input/output functions are selected from a list.

The isolated RS-485 MODBUS RTU data port is not affected by ground potential differences and allows safe transfer of data to monitoring and management systems.

Program parameters may be uploaded from a PC. The parameter setup and multiple-unit monitoring programs are free of charge and may be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

● True RMS measurements

● 0.5 % measurement precision

● Total harmonic distortion display

● Demand, Min and Max records

● Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

● MODBUS-RTU communications

● Programmable relay output

● Energy pulse output capability

● Isolated, programmable digital input

● kW and kVAr energy counters

● Hours run counter

● VT ratio for medium voltage applications

● Front panel programming

● Wide operating temperature range

● 2 part connectors

● PN and PP voltages: V1-V2-V3-U12-U23-U31

● Phase currents: I1-I2-I3

● Phase active powers: P1-P2-P3

● Phase reactive powers: Q1-Q2-Q3

● Phase apparent powers: S1-S2-S3

● Phase power factors: cos1-cos2-cos3

● Total active power: ∑P

● Total reactive power: ∑Q

● Total apparent power: ∑S

● Total power factor: ∑cos

● Active and reactive counters: Pc1-Qc1

● Hours run counter: Hc1

● THD of all voltage and current inputs

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