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The DKM-405 is a low cost precision instrument designed to display various AC parameters in a 3-phase distribution panel.

The unit features a 32-bir ARM based microprocessor. Thanks to its sampling rate of 4096s/s it reaches 0.5% precision range.

The standard unit is designed for 230/400V network. A different version is available for 120/208V systems.

The harmonic analysis is available for up to 31 harmonics. THD values of both voltage and current inputs are available.

The optional digital input accepts both AC and DC signals and has programmable functions.

The optional relay output is programmable. Relay function is selected through a list.



• True RMS measurements

• Total harmonic distortion  display

• Max demand display

• Configurable relay output

• Energy pulse output capability

• Optically isolated, configurable digital input

• Active-reactive power counters

• Hour counter

• Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications

• Front panel programming

• Reduced panel depth

• Wide operating temperature range

• Sealed front panel (IP54)

• Plug-in connection system

 • Faz - Faz gerilimler: U12-U23-U31

 • Faz - Nötr gerilimler: V1-V2-V3

 • Faz Akımları: I1-I2-I3

 • Faz aktif güçleri: P1-P2-P3

 • Faz reaktif güçleri: Q1-Q2-Q3

 • Faz görünen güçleri: S1-S2-S3

 • Faz güç faktörleri: cos1-cos2-cos3

 • Toplam aktif güç: ∑P

 • Toplam reaktif güç: ∑Q

 • Toplam görünen güç: ∑S

 • Toplam güç faktörür: ∑cos

 • Aktif güç sayacı: Pc1

 • Reaktif güç sayacı: Qc1

 • Çalışma saati sayıcısı: Hc1

 • Gerilim ve akım girişlerinin THD değerleri

Product Brochure

Installation Guide

User Manual

DKM-405-S : Base model

DKM-405     : Base model + 1 digital input + 1 digital output

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