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The DKM-250 is a precision instrument designed for measuring, displaying and remote monitoring various DC parameters in a DC distribution box. 

The unit features a 32-bit ARM core microcontroller.

The isolated RS-485 Modbus comport allows safe data transfer to automation and monitoring systems. Program parameters may be uploaded to the unit through the RS-485 port.

The standard 4-20mA analog output allows easy connection to any PLC system.


The unit has 2 separate voltage inputs, 0-60V and 0-400V. 

The current input circuit options:
     ● External current shunt (standard)
     ● Internal current shunt
     ● Hall Effect sensor input
     ● 4-20mA analog input

● Dual voltage measurement inputs

● Various current input options

● 4-20mA programmable analog output

● Demand, Min & Max records

● Fully isolated RS-485 serial port

● MODBUS-RTU communications

● Bidirectional current & power measurement

● Bidirectional kW-h energy counter

● Bidirectional A-h counter

● Hours run counter

● Front panel programming

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