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DKG-325, is a ready-to-use control and transfer panel for gasoline and diesel gensets rated up to 15kVA.

The unit incorporates all necessary components for battery charging, genset control and load transfer between mains and genset.

Gensets may be automatized using the DKG-325, without the need for any additional equipment. Thanks to the unit, automatization of small gensets has become easy and cost effective.



The unit features 2 contactors, battery charging rectifier and the automatic control circuitry in one enclosure. It is the equivalent of a complete genset control panel. Internal contactors are rated for 40Amp switching and are capable of carrying 25Amp continuously. Fuel and crank outputs are provided through 40Amp rated relays and do not require additional relays.

The internal battery charging rectifier is rated 1Amp @12V-DC. The internal rectifier is sufficient for the float charging of the engine start battery.

The unit features 3 internal current transformers. It measures currents and power from both genset and mains.

Timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations are digitally programmable. Programs are modified through front panel pushbuttons and do not require an additional unit.

   • Internal transfer contactors

   • 40 Amp rated Fuel and Crank outputs

   • Internal battery charging rectifier

   • Internal current transformers

   • Detailed load measurements and protections

   • Front panel adjustable parameters

   • Stop, preheat and choke output capability

   • Automatic mains monitoring

   • Automatic load transfer

   • Automatic starting and stopping

   • Automatic stopping in fault condition

   • Test mode available

   • Emergency backup mode

   • Configurable spare digital input

   • Survives cranking voltage dropouts

   • Compact dimensions, flush mounted

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